Keeping It Casual

Keeping it Casual_eBook

It started with a proposition: one night.
But Reid Livingston’s steel eyes, hot as hell body, and alpha male attitude tempt Mia to accept his second proposition. A no-strings attached relationship while he’s in town.
Mia thinks she can do it. She’s in no position to start a new relationship anyway. But when she starts seeing his sweet, thoughtful side, the one that takes care of her and starts healing her, she knows she’s falling for him. Who’s going to be there to pick her up when he leaves town – and her – behind?
Mia thought she was strong, thought she could keep it casual. Turns out she was wrong.

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What people are saying about Keeping It Casual.

“This is a sexy and engaging story. Mia and Reid face believable obstacles in their relationship and heat the sheets aplenty! The epilogue is by far my favorite scene :)”

“I enjoyed “Keeping it Casual” from Emma Tharp, it has a good story and it kept me engrossed from start to finish. I loved the great chemistry between the characters and also the way they interacted with each other. They pull you into their story and you can’t put it down. This is an enjoyable, romantic, must have book and is really worth your time. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”